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Welcome To Connestee Falls


Connestee Falls Golf Club is a semi-private, mountain golf course within the Connestee Falls golfing community in Brevard, North Carolina.

This George Cobb gem offers a perfect golf experience... challenging greens, beautiful layout, scenic views and abundant wildlife. 


"We will be checking a three day forecast on at noon today to determine if the course will be open three days from today. If the expected high is 40* Degrees or above, we will be OPEN for normal business hours. If the high temperature is expected to be below 40* Degrees, the Golf Course and all practice facilities will be CLOSED

Closed March 30 -April 3

Open year round, Connestee Falls warmly welcomes you to join us for an enjoyable mountain golf experience.

Golf Shop Hours   9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Course News

Welcome to Connestee Falls Golf Club

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CFGA Tournament Schedule 2015
         30-3                Aerification – Course Closed
          24                      CFGA Scramble
          15                     Kick-Off Classic 
          27                     Putting Challenge 9-Hole
          29                     CFGA Scramble
          4                       Putting Challenge 9-Holes  
          16                     Ladies Member-Guest                     
          18-20               Men’s Member Guest          
          26                     CFGA Scramble
            4                   Family Invitational               
          13, 15, 17      ClubChampionship                                                             
          22                   Putting Challenge 9-Holes      
          24                   CFGA Scramble
          28                   Think Pink                                                                                                                                                                             
            12                   Men’s Member-Member
                                   Ladies Member- Member      
            19                   Putting Challenge 9-Holes         
            22                   CGFA Scramble
           24-28              Aerification – Course Closed 
            11                     CFGA Scramble                 
            26                     End-Of-Year-Classic                 
           2                       CFGA Scramble